AI in Music: Distinguishing fads from trends

Oh good god, please not an AI Kanye!

You might have come across the viral video in which YouTuber Roberto Nickson recorded a rap verse and seamlessly swapped his voice with Kanye West's (Ye). He accomplished this with the help of an AI model specifically trained on Ye’s vocals.

It’s impressive. The quality is there; it really sounds like Kanye.

In his post, Robertson declared it as the moment the music industry was forever changed. (To be fair, I think he was referring to the technology as changing everything, not necessarily his own clip.) But the comments posted on the now-viral clip (over 30 million impressions on Twitter alone) seemed to agree, music is now changed. Really? This is the future of music; using AI to listen to your choice of vocalist on any song?

There was another one recently featuring AI-generated Jay-Z vocals. Producer and engineer Young Guru voiced his concerns on Instagram and called for quick changes to relevant laws saying, “People should not be able to take your Name, Image and Likeness without permission.”

While I agree with Guru that legislation needs to keep up with changes in technology, I don’t agree with Nickson that this particular use is the future of music.

In fact, I’m making the call now; this is a fad.

This stuff is fun, exciting, and fascinating, no doubt. But I see this particular use as no more than a fad, a novelty. A cheap, plastic, party-favor version of AI music.

To clarify, I don’t think AI in the music industry is a fad. In fact, I think it’s obvious that it’s just getting started, especially the use of generative AI in music. I am writing this newsletter after all.

I think personalization via AI will eventually find its place in music, and as the tech gets better we’ll surely see apps come and go that will allow anyone to quickly hear Billy Corgan butcher Cohen’s “Halleluja” or Tom Waits tear into “Enter Sandman” (wait, that one might actually be good). But the novelty will wear off and most people will return to passive listening.

I have little doubt that AI is going to disrupt music in numerous ways. I expect Web3 and AI will team up soon and blow our minds.

But I think this use of vocal replacement tools will be little more than a fun way to pass the time while we wait for the real disruptors.

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