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  • AI Music got ya' down? If you sing and play the guitar, you'll be ok.

AI Music got ya' down? If you sing and play the guitar, you'll be ok.

The value of live performers is going to skyrocket.

Hey everyone,

AI Music continues to improve and more news comes out every day about how it is “raising alarms in the music industry.”

The AI Music fear index has risen to its highest historical point among music artists.

For those who are unfamiliar with the AI Music Fear Index, please allow me to offer this quick explanation; it is a measurement of how fearful the music community, namely music artists themselves, are that AI will destroy a pure and beautiful human art form. Music is a universal human trait we have used as a form of expression for tens of thousands of years.

The AI Music Fear Index is a highly precise and scientific (*not really) gauge that displays in real time the current level of the music community’s fear that the worst case scenario will be realized - complete elimination of the human creative process in music.

Here is the AI Music Fear index 1 year ago today:

Here is the AI Music Fear index today:

But, guess what? I ain’t skeered.

Why? Because I play the guitar and I sing.

Now, I don’t want to come off as self-centered. I care about the music community. I want to see human creativity remain as a vital part of making music and I believe it will.

But I am pointing out that the forthcoming tsunami of AI music will pool and pond in numerous niches across the industry. We will see the value of everything shift. Some will shift up and some things will shift down.

As the industry changes, and those pools settle, I believe live performers will become more rare, and thus more valuable. When the number of uploaded tracks to streaming platforms rises to 250,000 or even 500,000+ per day, up from it’s current 100,000-ish, much of that will be from artists or software that has no ability or intent to perform the music. Much of it may be from people who don’t even consider themselves to be artists.

So, to all the bedroom producers out there looking for a way to stand out in a noisy industry that’s about get noisier… Dust off your guitar or your MikroKorg and start a damn band.

-The Music Futurist.

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