UMG pulls music from TikTok, AI Music Hypocrites, and more

UMG calls for a pause on TikTok over issues of fair artist compensation, AI's impact on human artists, and user safety.

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Universal Music Group is pulling its artist’s music from TikTok

UMG calls for a pause on TikTok over issues of fair artist compensation, AI's impact on human artists, and user safety. In an open letter posted on their website, UMG highlight TikTok's low payment rates despite its reliance on music and its growing user base. They criticize TikTok for promoting AI-generated music, which could dilute human artists' royalties, and for inadequate responses to copyright infringement and problematic content. UMG says they are standing firm against TikTok's negotiation tactics, emphasizing their commitment to protecting artists' creative and commercial value.

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AI Music Hypocrites

In the rapidly evolving landscape of music production, AI's role stirs a contentious debate. Critics of AI-generated music often overlook a critical irony: many artists already rely on AI and machine learning tools in their music creation process.

Consider Landr’s AI mastering services, which have become a staple for independent artists seeking polished sounds without high studio fees. Similarly, Logic Pro, one of the most popular digital audio workstations, integrates machine learning in features like Logic's Drummer. This tool instantly generates drum regions for songs, streamlining the creative process.

The resistance to AI-generated music seems selective, ignoring its already pervasive influence in modern music production. This dichotomy raises a fundamental question: Where do we draw the line? If we embrace AI for mastering or beat creation, why scorn its use in composing melodies or harmonies?

This isn't a call to blindly accept all AI in music but to acknowledge and critically consider the hypocrisy. As AI continues to blend into the fabric of music creation, it’s vital to recognize its role not as a replacement for human creativity, but as a tool that complements and enhances our artistic expressions or even as an new instrument to be played.

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